Volunteer at Diakonia

Diakonia could not operate without the help of its many volunteers.  Volunteers provide support for our operations in a variety of ways.  Volunteering with Diakonia is a way to use your knowledge, skills and talents to give back to the community and to change lives, including your own.

Among the many services volunteers provide at Diakonia are:
  • Cleaning/Organizing (all programs need help)
  • Working in Thrift store or helping with sorting donations in store
  • Help with Fundraisers
  • Maintenance or household minor repairs 
  • Helping give out food/working in Food Pantry
  • Helping with picking up furniture (when the donation center is open again)
  • Cooking meals for the guests/preparing bag lunches

Some of the volunteer services, such as data entry and grant writing, allow you to work from home. 

If you would like to find out more about volunteering at Diakonia, please contact us by phone  410-213-0923 or by email info@diakoniaoc.org.

Click here to see photos and upcoming events at our "Thrift Store."
Please Contact info@diakoniaoc.org and/or call 410-213-0923 if interested in volunteering.
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